Music & Songs

2020 Songs from Tom Scarff:

1. Play "Within These Walls"  The feelings from inside prison walls. Read the Lyrics. Watch the Video (May 2020).

2. Play "You Cannot Hide"  You cannot hide the love you feel. Read lyrics for "You Cannot Hide" (Jan 2020).

3. Play "Yet I Stay"  Staying despite domestic violence. Read lyrics for "Yet I Stay" (Feb 2020)

4. Play "I Cannot Explain"  I cannot explain why you won't come 'out'. Read lyrics for "I Cannot Explain" (Mar 2020).

5. Play "We are watching"  Computers are watching over us. Read lyrics for "We are watching" (Mar 2020).

6. Play "You are not alone"  Computers are watching over us. Read lyrics for "You are not alone" (Apr 2020).

7. Play "I Doubt It"  Trying to change. Read lyrics for "I Doubt It" (Apr 2020).

8. Play "Something needs to change"  Trying to avoid the pain again. Read lyrics for "Something needs to change" (May 2020).

9. Play "We Understand"  The more we see, hear, learn, the more we understand. Read lyrics for "We Understand" (May 2020).


2020 Music from Tom Scarff:

1. Play "Blowing in the Gales" A Flute and Concertina duet. (Jan 2020).

2. Play "Brass Horn Sax Trumpet and Piano" An Upright Bass, Piano, Horn, Sax and Trumpet. Jan 2020).

3. Play "Kangaroo" A Hip Hop type melody. (Feb 2020).

4. Play "Breath of Air" A Breathy synth and staccato bass. (Mar 2020).

5. Play "Hidden City" A flute-like synth and rhythmic chords. (Apr 2020).

6. Play "Fish Shoals Speak"  Imagine the sound of fish speaking. (May 2020).


2019 Songs from Tom Scarff:

1. Play "Your Photograph"  About finding an old photograph. Read lyrics for "Your Photograph"

2. Play "Theres a little light"  About Climbing Croagh Patrick. Read lyrics for "Theres a little light"

3. Play "Syrian Lament"  About the war in Syria. Read lyrics for "Syrian Lament"

4. Play "Let's Change"  About Climate Change. Read lyrics for "Let's Change"

5. Play "She's Gone"  About relationship splitting up. Read lyrics for "She's Gone"

6. Play "Won't Back Down"  If you want, need, feel my love. Read lyrics for "Won't Back Down"

7. Play "How you Really Feel"  Noone understands how you really feel. Read lyrics for "How You Really Feel"

8. Play "It always seems hard in the morning"  Discovering 'we' are pregnant. Read lyrics for "It always seems hard in the morning"

9. Play "Its too much"  Surviving a car crash. Read lyrics for "Its too much"


2019 Music from Tom Scarff:

1. Play "Some Strings Attached" A Cello, Piano, Strings and Guitar quartet.

2. Play "Upright" An Upright Bass, Piano and Guitar.

3. Play "Stutter" Drums, Guitars, Bass, Mandolin, Pads and FX. 

4. Play "Christmas Belles" Christmas Bells for mobile ringtone.

5. Play "Barrier Reef"

6. Play "Be Minor"

7. Play "No Fame"


Previous Music and Songs from Tom Scarff:

1. Play "The Gainsborough" A song about a ship that sank off Malahide in 1838. Read lyrics for "The Gainsborough"

2. Play "Giving in is easier" Giving in is easier than giving out to my 2 year old. Read lyrics for "Giving in is easier"

3. Play "I was a tree" Being 'green' in the modern world. Read lyrics for "I was a tree"

4. Play "Is it me" I am becoming my Grandfather. Read lyrics for "Is it me"

5. Play "Number Three" Blue's song about the danger of more than three. Read lyrics for "Number Three"

6. Play "Thats just the way that I feel" How I feel. Read lyrics for "Thats just the way that I feel"

7. Play "Your body waits for me tonight" An autopsy in the morgue. Read lyrics for "Your body waits for me tonight"

8. Play "You told me I was perfect"  The result of a cured schizophrenic. Read lyrics for "You Told me I was Perfect"

9. Play "You comfort me"  You provide comfort on the battle-field. Read lyrics for "You Comfort Me"


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