MIDI Music Products and Projects

The MIDI Music Kits use a combination of MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) using the MIDI IN/OUT assembled board, and the Arduino microcontroller assembled boards, which use the  ATmega microcontroller. Each product comes with a pre-programmed Atmega microcontroller pre-loaded with the required project. Some of the MIDI Kits have a direct MIDI OUT connector, via suitable series resistors, where no MIDI IN is required.


Price: €15.95

The MIDI IN/OUT board can be used with any microcontroller which contains a UART, including the Arduino ATmega, PIC etc. microntrollers, to send and receive MIDI messages.

MIDI/USB Bass Pedal Encoders

Prices from: €49.95

Generally pedalboards range in size from 13 notes on small organs to 32 notes on church or concert organs, some electronic organs and many older pipe organs have 25-note pedalboards.

MIDI/USB Keyboard Encoders

Prices from: €49.95

MIDI keyboards come in a range of sizes, from 25 keys (two octaves) to full 88-key length.

MIDI Channel Changer/Combiner

Price: €54.95

The MIDI Channel Changer/Combiner can be used to combine MIDI channels (1-16) onto a single MIDI output channel.

MIDI Channel Duplicator

Price: €54.95

The MIDI Channel Duplicator can be used to duplicate multiple MIDI channels from a single MIDI input channel.

MIDI Channel Filter

Price: €54.95

The MIDI Channel Filter can be used to reduce MIDI throughput by removing MIDI System mesages. Also it allows one channel to operate a particular sound module/synthesiser, while filtering out the other MIDI channel data.

MIDI Program Change

Price: €54.95

The MIDI Program Change unit can can change the sound/voice in a MIDI sound module/synthesiser. There are 4 momentary action switch inputs which can work in parallel with momentary action foot-pedals.

MIDI Pitch Transposition

Price: €54.95

The MIDI Pitch Transposition unit can be used to shift the pitch of a MIDI note by up to +8 or -7 semitones, on all MIDI channels except Channel 10 ( the drum channel).

MIDI Foot Pedal

Price: €54.95

This unit converts up to 6 variable potentiometer and up to 5 switch foot-pedals to an associated MIDI control signal. This unit will work with one, two or up to all 11 inputs, at the same time. The MIDI Input messages are merged with the foot-pedal messages and sent to the MIDI Out socket.

MIDI Decoder Outputs

Prices from: €69.95

These units utilizes MIDI Note ON/OFF data to control LEDS, Relays, Transistors, Triacs, etc. to switch Lights, Motors, etc. when combined with suitable output circuitry