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How to Order:

This site works in conjunction with the Paypal shopping cart system. This allows you to pay by credit card, just complete your order on the Paypal site, after clicking on the 'Add to Cart' buttons. Also the appropriate shipping cost is calculated and added, however you may still cancel or adjust your order, at this point.

Is your Paypal Address Correct ?

It can be a difficulty for customers, if they want items shipped to different address than their listed Paypal address. The easiest way to fix this is to update your Paypal address before submitting the order. If you need to ship elsewhere, send us an email right away after submitting the order with the correct address.

International Orders:

International orders are shipped using the Post Office priority airmail service. The packages are delivered to your countries postal service for 'door-to-door' delivery. It is generally fairly dependable, usually arriving within a week or two. 


For price conversion use a currency converter.